This feature-length documentary by Seumas Next and Stephan Kern "takes its intriguing title from the coat of arms of one of its contributors (John Washington, George Washington’s ancestral nephew) which features Mullets and Bars – better known as Stars and Stripes. This opening image is juxtaposed with the more modern heraldic iconography of America (Elvis, JFK, Marilyn Monroe, the moon landing, fighter jets), immediately demanding of the audience, and of this film’s numerous articulate contributors, how is America most accurately represented these days?" 


What do we think of the USA and why do we think it? And, perhaps most interestingly, what do they think of us?

"Offering their opinions are characters as diverse as English journalist Toby Young and American dominatrix Mistress Avalon, as well as a broad social mix of English, American and Canadian tourists, interviewed in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Sydney and Edinburgh. Thought provoking but with a wry sense of humour, this collage of talking heads invites the audience to join in with an intelligent and witty conversation about America and Americans via George W Bush, work ethics and (of course) orthodontics. 

Punctuating the vox pops are snippets of Christopher Green’s fabulous creation, spoof country and western singer Tina C, illustrating that this film makes some of its most serious points through comedy and that, as with stereotypes, jokes usually owe more to truth than to fiction."

Best Documentary Nominee Raindance Film Festival 2005

"Absolutely fascinating" Luke Rhinehart
Tina C, John Washington, Toby
occidental films 2005